'Too Much Stuff' is a story book about a seemingly trustworthy wolf salesman coming to town to sell his amazing new 'stuff' to a bunch of willing sheep. They are amazed and in awe of this new fandangled 'stuff' and start buying more and more, discarding it across the countryside until there is no more room to move. It is not until a young lamb steps up with an idea to recycle all the 'stuff' do they realise that perhaps they didn't really need all the 'stuff' in the first place.

Writer/illustrator, Shann Whitaker incorporates bold illustrations and a whimsical rhyming tale with a strong environmental message. The perfect fun environmental children's book for today's climate, for readers young and old.

'Too Much Stuff' highlights society's fixation with consumerism and asks the question, do you have too much stuff?