'Too Much Stuff' is a story book about a seemingly trustworthy wolf salesman coming to town to sell his amazing new 'stuff' to a bunch of willing sheep. They are amazed and in awe of this new fandangled 'stuff' and start buying more and more, discarding it across the countryside until there is no more room to move. It is not until a young lamb steps up with an idea to recycle all the 'stuff' do they realise that perhaps they didn't really need all the 'stuff' in the first place.

Writer/illustrator, Shann Whitaker incorporates bold illustrations and a whimsical rhyming tale with a strong environmental message. The perfect fun environmental children's book for today's climate, for readers young and old.

'Too Much Stuff' highlights society's fixation with consumerism and asks the question, do you have too much stuff?

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My name is Shann Whitaker and I am a Kiwi with a passion for children's picture books and the environment. I have three children under the age of six years old who are passionate about their bedtime stories and love to explore new ideas wrapped up in wonderful illustrations.

This prompted me to write 'Too Much Stuff' which subtly explores the world of consumerism and our recent 'buy and discard' attitude to everyday items. My hope is to educate the young about sustainability with the help of some very cool books.

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 "I loved this book! So much better than all those super heroes! Recommend to all moms and dads as cool book that can send a decent message to your kids with great text and illustrations"! 

"A fun engaging story for kids and adults. An easy read with imaginative artwork and a message we all need to hear and be reminded about. Highly recommend".

"An awesome book. Kids will love it"



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